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I wanna hook, not cook
Welcome to the Aspen Rug Hooking Company
A collection of all things wool and hooked. Rugs, mats, pillows, books, and adornments. A bare-faced girl creates naive art using wool, silk, and linen. She is strong and courageous, and infatuated with the great outdoors. Her blog, Aspen Life shares thoughts about the natural world and the human spirit. The Aspen home reinforces homelife as simple and natural.

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Handmade in Colorado
Member of Traditional Hooking Artists Association (ATHA)
England, Scotland, or France; we can't really pinpoint where rug hooking began. When? That's hard to define too. What we sort of know is that rug hooking migrated across the Atlantic during the early 1800's. Rug hooking was, and still is, very common in the Canadian Maritimes, Newfoundland, Labrador, and the New England states. In the past, rug hooking was referred to as a past-time of the poor or a country craft. Today, these rugs are art!